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Cheon Gong Seuseungnim Meditation

A Meditation Feature of Cheon Gong Seuseungnim, a spiritual leader from Korea. This Channel features English dubbed videos of Spiritual Mentor Cheon Gong from Korea. Spiritual Mentor Cheon Gong spent 17 solitary years in the mountain, made a direct connection with Nature, and absorbed Cosmic Law, the principle that governs the Universe. He now teaches humanity how to live correctly by applying the Cosmic Law. Jungbub Terminology. Grand Nature: the whole-dimensional Universe, including both the physical and non-physical cosmos. Jungbub: the Righteous or Cosmic Law, the law of Grand Nature. Hongikingan: the intellectuals who are enlightened to benefit people widely, a person who is fully mature and educated to benefit others. Hucheonsidae: The New Era, The Post Era after December 22, 2012. Seoncheonsidae: The Previous Era before December 22, 2012. Seuseungnim: The Great Mentor who explains the law of Grand Nature. Web USA: Web Korea: Facebook: SoundCloud: Questions or Comments? Email: Phone: +1-323-300-4460

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